Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MOJOMONDAY107 Challenge :)

I have been kinda busy tonight, but i managed to make a card for MOJOMONDAY107 challenge, hope you all enjoy! :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just had to share this link with everyone.. i have to try these! they look so much fun and so easy! go watch the video believe me you'll like it too!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is there really a need for this?

So, people are really pissing me off lately, if its not one thing its the other.

1. I am quite sick of people that are causing problems around me. Therefore, I am removing those people from my life.. And its starting to feel great! It kinda stinks becausue I surrounded my self with those people for so long so now I feel like I have no friends. But, in the same sense, its nice to live in my little bubble of friends & family... not having to worry about the drama that life may cause.

2. I am trying to change my self.. slowly but surely its happening, like I told Chris, shit isn't going to change in one night. Theres a lot of things we both have to work on.. therefore, its going to have to be a combination of both of us, helping eachother out on these issues.

3. I've been trying to keep up with house work but it's just not happening.. Things are getting over my head and its so hard. I'm trying to think about getting a cleaning lady but I really can't even justify getting one.

Theres more, but Im going to go for now.. I'll post after I'm finished with everything I want to do today.. :sigh: this may take a while!

For now,
<3 Kristen

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I dont know what to really write here... I haven't written in forever it seems like, I guess its been about a year.. Yep, a year. A lot has changed, really has.. I finally figured out this whole blog thing and probably, no i should say hopefully will write more..

As for now, Im off to do some scrapbooking damage! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey guys!

I really dont think anyone even reads these, but whatever! I didn't post yesterday because it was extremely busy. It started out with getting up, and laying in bed until I couldn't anymore. Getting up, getting a shower, and getting ready.. Taking the dogs out 'n then traveling to the bank where I knew they would cash my stimulus check, and of course they did, yay! Then I traveled to Butler PA. Hit up Ollies, Big Lots, and the local scrapbook store (Scrapbook Station). I really didn't find much at Ollies, found a fewthings at Biglots, and hit the jackpot at SBS!
I still need to take pictures of all my findings I will sometime today or this week.
I then came back through Cranberry, stopped at Target and got a few things there for scrapbooking, a new blanket, and a steamcleaner with some pet chemicals..

Then I went to Kings/Mine Training.. :sigh: that dog is gonna kill me by the end of this.. It went really well, but by the end of the night, both him and i were ready to collapse.

Thats about it. lol today consists of getting up and doing some stuff before my 1:30 appointment for hair!

Monday, June 30, 2008

fiRst poSt! Yay!

Hey guys!

I guess I decided to join the blogspot. lol
So I finally got my stimulus check, and my tax return, although walmart is a bunch of idiots (I swear they will hire anyone!!) and would not cash my stimulus.. I guess I gotta get to the bottom of that now..But Anyways, tomorrow, I'm going to be goin out and buying a crap load of things we now need... Tessa decided to squat and piss all over the underneath of my bed (carpet) so now my whole room, yet again, smells like her dog piss... I am not a happy camper right now because of that. I was looking at and they have a lightweight, pretty decently priced steamcleaner that I'm going to pick up... I had one here but we gave it to Bills (my boyfriends/fiances whatever he is... ) uncle Richie, because they have a german shepherd as well and i guess he has too peed and pooped everywhere in richies new house... Richie, is another story for another time.. pretty amusing actually..

Amoung going out to target, i would love to take sometime and go take a small trip to Butler... As they have a biglots, ollies, and scrapbook station (our LSS). Well, when i went to the bank today to deposit my tax return check they said that I should have it by 12 am tonight. *thats why i'm staying up for, hehehe*

Anyways - I'll post pictures tomorrow of my finds, and what i purchased at BL, Ollies and SB Station!!

Night all~!